I am OK, You are OK

I am OK, You are OK 1

chikldhr 509It’s OK to keep chanting Ahimsa Parmo Dharma, but it’s NOT OK to give two extra days of life to a few animals. It’s OK to call the hanging of a terrorist ‘inhuman’ but it’s NOT OK to give two days extra life to a few innocent animals.

To give the life of self is NOT OK, but it’s OK to kill others for taste. It’s OK to ban crackers, colors, etc. during specific festivals, but it’s NOT OK to ban the killing of a few innocent animals during another festival. Why fix a certain age for marriage? Isn’t it, kind of, a ban on Sex?

Let people decide when to get married and when to have sex. It’s OK to ban midday meals for kids in Kerala during Ramadan, It’s OK to ban alcohol on certain days, and It is OK to not sell meat for two days during congress govt…… However, it’s NOT OK to not sell meat for four days during the BJP govt.

Let me remind you that restaurants can serve meat during these four days. It’s only the sale through the shops which has been banned.

Come on. Let’s put a ban on all bans.

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