Women Empowerment or misuse of equality rights

Women Empowerment or misuse of equality rights 1

women-empowermentFeel suffocated with women equality and empowerment seekers when i see ladies coach empty and ladies demanding to vacate seats in general coach of Delhi metro.

Even if the general coach of a delhi metro is crowded the privileged species of mankind (read female) board it in search of a seat. And in crowd if by mistake someone comes in close contact, they will shout like all hell has broken loose. Agree that there are bad elements too but i am not talking about them here. What i am talking about is the empowered category of human race.

Do let me know about your experience of women equality / empowerment?

5 thoughts on “Women Empowerment or misuse of equality rights

  1. As per my information there are six-eight coaches in Delhi metro and 50 percent population consists of female.Out of six to eight coaches only one coach is reserved for female.Is this scenario of women equality??? And you are feeling suffocation with women equality.My heart felt sympathy is with you…It’s only one example of equality just like a drop in ocean.It’s rarest of the rare case ever that female coach be vacant in Delhi metro at office time.

    You agree that there are bad elements too.Thank God and million thanks to you!!!We are living in the society where we do candle march every year after passing of Nirbhaya .It’s not a single case, cases are infinite.Accused do not get punishment because he is under 18.In such cases Should female be conscious or not? Ask to yourself.No one can differentiate between bad and good element only by looking at face.

    You are not talking about bad element because it belongs to your race, you are talking about Empowered category…Have you ever seen this empowered category in your home, society or anywhere except theatrical concept or imagination which are mostly written by female it self…

    We don’t need sympathy rather we need equality.If agree, enjoy….if not, feel suffocation..choice is yours.

    Note-Don’t take it personally.I am talking about the superpower having feeling of male chauvinist.

    1. Thank you Rupam for investing your time in putting up such a nice and detailed comment. It definitely warrants few answers / clarifications.

      1. Metro has four coaches also and not just six and eight coaches. Female commuters is certainly not 50%. I use metro almost daily and have never seen such a big number of female ratio except on Rakhi and Bhai Dooj.
      2. If we talk about equality, then there should not be any reservation at all for either females or males. Only reservation we should have in Delhi metro should be for differently abled and Senior Citizens.
      3. Agree with you that it’s rarest of rare case when ladies coach in Metro remains vacant during office time. However, in my piece, I have written about time when ladies coach remains vacant and not about office time. All what I have written comes from my personal experience and
        believe me, if you will, you should see the scene of general coaches at office time. You have to just stand and not walk to board/de-board the train (at many stations).
      4. I fail to understand how and why you brought up Nirbhaya case here. I have never supported bad elements or genuine crimes against women in my writing. I have in past written about criminals getting benefit of their age.

      At the end, I invite you to enjoy my small piece on women empowerment in Gujarat. Equality never comes from reservations. Respect can never be earned by suppressing others.

  2. I think you all right in your own sense because how hard I will try to give you new info you will never accept it until the new information is in your favor. I can’t say about 1 coach that is reserved for ladies and I respect the decision but there should be 1 reserved coach for senior citizens(men & women both) & physically disabled people.
    I think you are talking about those misbehaved girls who thinks they have birthright on those ladies seat.There are many instances when I have notices some aged women searching for seat in the crowd and those girls sitting on ladies seat doesn’t offer them their seat.It’s their choice what can be done now?Actually they are very empowered.

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